Now Download Eaadhar by Enrollment Number

Aadhar is a 12 digit identification number which never starts with 0 or 1. It is provided by UDIAI (unique identification authority of India). Aadhar number is issued only to the  Indian citizens.  It is compulsory for Indian citizens to have aadhar card with them. UDIAI started issuing aadhar card to Indian citizens from September 2010. The Indian government strictly gave orders to link their aadhar cards with pan card before 31st December. Aadhar card is also a digital identity as the document of the card itself in a PDF format. Aadhar card can be used as a proof for residential and identification purposes. Before aadhar card every individual has to carry a lot of documents like the water bill, electricity bill etc. As a residential and identification proofs.


If you want to apply for the card it will take 90 days for the delivery of the card. If you want to check the status of the card you can check it from the official website

If you lost your aadhar card or want to have a copy of it then you can download it online.


.1 visit e-aadhar website (the official website for aadhar card).

.2 view the section ‘aadhar enrollment’ and enter your aadhar number or enrollment number.

.3 then fill other details, such as name, pin code, mobile number etc.

.4 click on ‘ get one-time password ‘.

.5 you will receive the password on your phone via text message.

.6 input the otp (password) and click on ‘ validate and download’.

.7 the e-aadhar card will be downloaded on your computer in a PDF format.

To open the e-aadhar card, you will have to enter a password as the file is password protected. The password will be your PIN code.

Aadhar number or enrollment number is compulsory to download aadhar card.In case, you lost your enrollment number or aadhar number then you can download your e-aadhar card with your name and date of birth.

.1 visit the UDIAI website

.2 fill all the details name, address, mobile number etc.

.3 click on ‘get OTP’ button (after verification you’ll get your otp).

.4 enter otp and click on submit button. You’ll receive an email with your enrollment I’d.

.5 once you receive aadhar enrollment number then you can download it by following the steps mentioned before.


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